From Poverty to Prosperity


From Poverty toProsperity




The Government is making great progress in its plan for economic stability and growth that will benefit all Jamaicans. One of most important achievements that has lead to growth is the lowering of interest rates which has happened because of the work we have been doing. Low interest rates mean that with your existing pay, it will make it easier for you to buy all the things you want. 


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In the last 40 years no government has been as good as this Government in bring down interest rates as this one has. That is one reason why the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says we are on the right path, that is why Barack Obama says we have to stick to the plan, that is why almost every major business leader in Jamaica says we are on the right path to economic stability and growth. We have reduced inflation to the lowest level in 40 years. We are making the things you want cost you less by lowering interest rates and driving growth

Do not stop the progress.


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Do not stop the progress. The programme has shown, that prudent management, fiscal consolidation and debt reduction ave not only returned the country to growth, but provided employment, reduced interest rates and ensured that we have sufficient Net International Reserves.

Much more remains to be done. We have to ensure a speedier rate of development approvals, and reduce the humbug of government red tape. We have to speed up public sector reform and tax compliance efforts so that we can expand the tax base and reduce the tax rates. We want even greater levels of business start-ups, especially by our young people and those in new high tech sectors.

Yes, much more remains to be done, but we have to build on the gains that have been made and not abandon our course. Let us continue to work together to bring growth and sustained economic development to Jamaica land we love.

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