10 Achievements from the Ministry of Youth & Culture

From Poverty toProsperity (8)

  1. Inscription on July 3, 2015 of the Blue and John Crow Mountains on the World Heritage List at the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee – as the first mixed (cultural and natural) sit in Jamaica and the region.
  2. Opened two museum: National Museum West and the National Gallery West
  3. Trained and impacted 51,000 young people (13,500 through the National Youth Service programmes) and placed close to 36,519 in temporary and permanent jobs.
  4. Completed the upgrade of 2 State Care Facilities/Institutions which included Summerfield Residential Child Care Centre Facility and Granville Place of Safety.
  5. Partner with the Jamaica Library Service to assist with the dissemination of the Ananda Alert Information on missing children in the parish library networks.
  6. Attacked abuses and violence against children through public education programmes and awareness. having sensitizations in schools and communities with the objective of raising the awareness about negative issues affecting children and encourage reporting.
  7. Provided professional counseling by counselors and clinical psychologists for over 2,000 children; 805 of them were referred to the clinical psychologists and psychiatrists for ongoing treatment and medication as necessary.
  8. Reduced the number of children who went missing by 10% and returned 9 out of 10 children through a bolstered Ananda Alert System and partnerships.
  9. Instituted a best practice programme for the standard at Maxfield Park Children’s Home, which involves extracurricular activities, mentoriship, field trips and training to be rolled out to the other homes in 2015/2016.
  10. Cleared a backlog of child abuse reports of 4,000 cases to be investigated.